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The original lunchbox by Mazforce.™ Available in 20+ styles.
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Discover why thousands are switching to MAZFORCE™ brand. We dare to be different and bring forward designs inspired by you. We are never afraid of facing the many failures in our process. This allows us to form great break-throughs and successes to create a strong foundation to stand with you in everyday living. You won’t just get another bag… you get MAZFORCE.


True Designs Without Limits

Keep your food fresh for the Long Haul.


Seize the day with this unique tough & modern insulated lunch box. The design is built with the office gladiator, weekend warrior in mind – combined with a laid-back California vibe, so you can meet everyday challenges or weekend adventures with style.


This design elevates an iconic style with modern functionality and is built for office gladiator and weekend warrior in mind. We’ve made packing lunches more efficient with its built in Multi-Zone storage compartments to withstand your daily grind.

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It’s definitely a great buy! It’s perfect for work or on the go with the kids. It is very roomy and I love how it has a big area on the bottom for our cold stuff. We always use the top zipper area sandwiches so they don’t get smashed. The mesh inserts at the top are great to hold the crazy amount of snacks I pack for the kids on our days out. Overall we love this lunchbox.

Kristi B

Satisfied Customer

I love this lunch bag! Excellent product! I was able to pack so many items including two large containers with warm food for a long day on the softball field. Highly recommend this bag. The long strap really helps to easily carry it. I added pictures showing all the goodies I was able to pack. I have to give the lunch bag and recommend two thumbs up!

Julia M

Satisfied Customer

Overall, this bag is a steal! It’s great for your daily lunch routine or for on the go with the family for a day trip. It can hold many water bottles on the bottom or a variety of sized containers for your cold foods. One of my favorites is the side pockets outside the bag for your necessity’s for lunch or extra items. I love the color and fabric of the bag also! 

Mike A

Satisfied Customer


Break from the ordinary. We strive to design remarkable collections inspired straight from the heart of the Golden State of California.